2014 has been ...

a huge year. I got married to my best friend in Khartoum, Sudan, and Shihad teamed up with Jaz Coleman to make one of the biggest and best albums of our career:




Why are you looking forward to getting out on tour this summer?

I finally get to play the brutal and beautiful music off the FVEY album (plus a whole bunch of our favourite tracks from our back catalogue) live and extremely loud to our fans in awesome parts of the country with the Datsuns (one of the best live acts to ever come out of New Zealand), I Am Giant and Cairo Knife Fight. I can't wait!

What makes New Zealand a great place to tour?

My family's there, it's beautiful, and it's home.

What song are you excited to play to a live crowd and why?

Cheap As off FVEY. It's a monster.

How will this summer compare to the summer of 2013 for you?

It'll be slightly hotter.


What was your first summer festival/concert as a punter?

I always think of the Big Day Out when I think of summer festivals. I pretty much saw almost every band I loved and discovered new ones each time. Would be great to have something like that again.

What do you want fans to bring to the shows?

Themselves and their voices because I'll be wanting them to sing as loud as they can.

* Shihad is on tour from Dec 27. See shihad.com
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