Labour MP Jacinda Ardern is putting a different spin on the phrase "on the record" by agreeing to do a slot as a DJ at the Laneway Festival on Monday night.

Ms Ardern said her initiation as a DJ was at Real Groovy records for Record Store Day last year.

She took along two record players and treated the audience to an eclectic mix ranging from Toy Love and Opossum to Janis Joplin.

She had a different set in mind for Laneways but would not reveal what she was planning.


"I'm aiming for things people want to dance to."

Some people had suggested political songs, but she promised there would be no trade union anthems.

"I'm not going to play political show tunes, no.

"Although someone joked that if I don't play (Split Enz) I See Red it would be political suicide."

She was dismissive of a suggestion she should instead play Six Months in a Leaky Boat, saying it was "unkind".

She said her main goal was to ensure there was no dead air.

DJ Ardern's set starts at 6.30pm in the Red Bull Thunderdome.