Ben Affleck had to change a scene in his latest film Argo in order to persuade members of Led Zeppelin to let him use one of the band's songs.

The actor starred in and directed the drama, about the rescue of American diplomats from Iran during the 1970s, and he wanted to use When the Levee Breaks in a scene when one of the US citizens puts a record on during the last night before their escape attempt.

Affleck, a longtime Led Zeppelin fan, says he wanted to use the track and vigorously pursued the British rockers for permission, but they asked him to make a very specific change.

The film showed actor Tate Donovan putting the needle on a record, and Affleck was asked to change the shot to show the needle being placed on the correct spot on the vinyl to correspond to the song's position on 1971 album Led Zeppelin IV.


Affleck agreed and headed back to the editing suite in order to make the band happy.

"Zeppelin, to me, is the greatest rock'n'roll band," he told the Los Angeles Times. "People say, 'The Beatles, the Stones.' No. It's Zeppelin ... So not only did we have to pay for the song, we had to pay for an effects shot. You have to appreciate their attention to detail, though."