Here's a two-piece band with that rare ability to whip up an ear-splitting racket that's also melodic and hellishly reckless and fun, all in one. Canadians Brian King (guitars/vocals) and David Prowse (drums/vocals) have a shouty, sing-along punk rock approach, combined with a raw sonic rock 'n' roll ferocity (one of their major influences are 60s Seattle garage rockers the Sonics); then there's an old-fashioned, down-home rock charm that creeps in too, similar to New York band the Hold Steady.

But basically, these two are a thrilling non-stop bash and crash duo and the only dynamic is the difference between ear-bashing and ear-thrashing, which sometimes means it can all blend into one. However, stand-out moments include the blitzkrieg of Adrenaline Nightshift, with the line "hitch-hiked to hell and back riding the wind waiting for a generation's bonfire to begin". Then there's the temperamental Continuous Thunder and the excellent The House That Heaven Built, an escalating frenzy of circling and scything riffs, galloping beats and shredding vocals.

Celebration Rock, the follow up to 2009 debut Post-Nothing, also includes a number of covers, which is where Japandroids really show their chops.

Stars: 3/5
Verdict: Canadian duo's breathless garage rock party.


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- Timeout