TrueBliss have re-formed in the name of charity - but one member of the notorious Kiwi made-for-TV girl group is missing.

Only four of the five original girls in the group, who formed in 1999 on the back of music talent show Popstars, have returned for the reunion.

Joe Cotton, Keri Harper, Megan Alatini and Erika Takacs revealed this morning that original member Carly Binding wouldn't be returning this time around.

"We're a bit gutted. She has other commitments ... we're still working on her," the quartet told Breakfast this morning.


One Twitter user also bemoaned the missing TrueBliss member: "No Carly Binding? This is like the Spice Girls reforming without Sporty," said Dan Satherley on the social networking platform.

Binding recently gave birth to her first child with partner Matthew Ridge.

The band has written a new song in a bid to raise money for the Child Cancer Foundation's One Day promotion, and performed it for the first time at the Northern Mystiks vs NSW Swifts game in Auckland yesterday.

"We've been talking about getting back together for years," Alatini told Breakfast.

"We got together and had a spontaneous dinner one evening, after a few wines we were in the taxi belting out a few songs and we thought, 'Hey, we could do this'."

Reaction on Twitter was mixed, with Euan Ross saying: "TrueBliss are reforming?!? If this isn't a clear sign of an impending apocalypse, I don't know what is!!"

But Colleen McGeady was more positive: "nz's spice girls reform! Omg! Jo cotton looking fab!"

And Jodes said simply, "Yahoo".

TrueBliss disbanded in 2000 after a brief but sucessful run of singles, including Number One, Freedom and Tonight.

They were brought together by the makers of the reality TV show Popstars, which pre-dated popular talent shows like American Idol and The X-Factor.

The reunion comes hot on the heels of the Spice Girls, who briefly reunited to launch a musical in London late last week.

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