Internet tycoon Kim Dotcom has released a track to commemorate the John Banks affair as he prepares to be interviewed by police over his $50,000 donation to the Act leader.

The track, called Amnesia, features lyrics from Black Eyed Peas' producer and songwriter Printz Board and has the chorus: "That politician got amnesia again."

Dotcom made the track with Board after allegations Mr Banks had declared political donations anonymous when he knew the identity of the donor. Mr Banks repeatedly said he could not remember when questioned about Dotcom's claims. He has said he complied with local body electoral law.

The release of the song comes ahead of a visit by police this week to the Dotcoms' home, where he is on bail awaiting an August extradition hearing to the US on criminal copyright and money-laundering charges.


A detective will interview Dotcom over his statements Mr Banks asked that a payment of $50,000 be split to help disguise its origins. Mr Banks also faces questions over a $15,000 donation from SkyCity casinos and $15,690 donated to pay for radio advertising.

Dotcom, who is recording a dance album, said the track came together after Board returned to New Zealand last week to finish the dance album.

The pair had gone to Neil Finn's Roundhead Studios to work on the album during the four-hour bail exception granted by the North Shore District Court last month.

He said discussion led to the pair compiling soundbites from the week, writing lyrics and putting it to music. The result is three minutes and 36 seconds of fun at Mr Banks' expense.

Dotcom said he and his family were going through a difficult time and the Banks affair had added lighter moments. Board did the vocals, singing: "He's the majority so he's all right/ He's John Banks, he got the vote/And that's why Key keeps him afloat/ ... on his cabbage boat?"