A new music video featuring Paris Hilton spouting inane lines about the dangers of drinking and texting has been slammed by viewers.

Drunk Text, a spoken-word video featuring Hilton warning fans about "sexting" over mediocre house beats leaked online today.

Hilton, who is trying to revive her music career by working with production duo Manufactured Superstars, sings lines like: "I went out the other night, to, you know, dance with my bitches".

Other highlights include, "No-one is safe in the Twittersphere anymore" and, "I'll be damned if I end up in some late diner after this with last night's lingerie in my purse".


Later on she says: "If you take the word 'sex' and mix it with 'texting,' it's called 'sexting.' When you add drunk sexting, the words just don't make sense."

The video was pulled from many sites after copyright claims by Black Hole Recordings. The song was never meant to be released, according to a tweet from Manufactured Superstars.

Twitter users were quick to slam the song.

"Paris Hilton's new single "Drunk Text" has been removed from YouTube. Not because it's explicit, but because no one wants to hear her sing," tweeted one viewer.

"This is the WORST song I have ever heard," said another.

Hilton responded to the criticism on Twitter.

She said: "Hey guys, I'm getting a lot of tweets about this song that just leaked. No, this is not my new single. It's just a demo I did for fun with friends a while ago. My new single will be out in the next few months with Afrojack and a very special surprise guest. Can't wait for you all to hear it, such a fun club song! Love you guys!"

Hilton hasn't released an album since 2006's Paris, featuring the single Stars Are Blind.

She has also reportedly worked with LMFAO as she works on her musical comeback.

Watch Hilton's Drunk Text video below (warning: contains bad language):

- Herald online