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Former Blindspott drummer Shelton Woolwright has hit out at his one-time bandmates in the bitter legal spat over use of the group's name.

Woolwright said he had been threatened by fans who wanted to "cut me up and burn me".

"The backlash I've received is horrible," he said.

"Backlash from people who were once my fans. Some of the stuff has been very disturbing."

Woolwright, a former partner of socialite Nicky Watson, went on to form I Am Giant after Blindspott split up in 2007.

He claims his former bandmates wanted to reform after they saw the success of his new band. He threatened legal action, but the other founding members of Blindspott launched a bid in the Auckland District Court to use the name.

Four of the five original members have been performing under the name Blacklist while the dispute is resolved.

"All I want is what's fair," said Woolwright. "Fair to them and fair to myself. Nothing more nothing less."

Woolwright fancifully compared the situation to a hypothetical dispute between Georgie Pie and Jesters Pies.

"Jesters Pies was the successful new 'pie' company," he said. "Everyone else turned their back on making pies for a living. I then came back to show everyone my new Jesters Pies.

"As soon as Jesters Pies started getting rave reviews, for some reason Georgie Pie opened again. I turned up to Georgie Pie and all the locks were changed. Without explanation I wasn't allowed in and Georgie Pie started trading, selling my recipe at top dollar. A lot more than Jesters Pies."

Woolwright said all he wanted was his "fair share" because he had spent all his money creating the successful formula.

"[They now want] to take me to court because they think that because I have Jesters Pies I have no rights in Georgie Pie, even though I started Georgie Pie."

Entertainment lawyer Mick Sinclair, who is acting for Blindspott, is hopeful the dispute will be resolved before reaching the courtroom.