Fourmyula drummer Chris Parry went from Nature to A Forest - he was instrumental in the success of The Cure. He signed Robert Smith's band in 1978 to his Fiction Records label and maintained a long relationship with them until 2000's Bloodflowers album.

When the Fourmyula split in 1971 Parry got a job in marketing at a record company in London. In 1974 he was transferred to the A&R department at Polydor Records during which time he signed the Jam.

"I loved it because I was paid to go out and see bands," he says.

In 1978 he went it alone and set up Fiction Records with the Cure one of his first - after their breakthrough 1979 second album Seventeen Seconds and hit A Forest - and biggest signings.

He discovered the band almost by accident after taking home a stack of demo tapes to listen to. It just so happened The Cure's was among them.

"I played this four-song cassette and it had 10:15 [On A Saturday Night] on it. It was quite good, indeed, and I wrote a letter back saying, 'I like the tape, let's meet'.

"It was an amazing journey with that band," he says.

In 2000 he sold Fiction, and other business interests including a radio station, for a quieter life - and so he could play in the Fourmyula again, of course.