Key Points:


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A quick flick through the cover insert of Sandi Thom's new album


The Pink and the Lily

sums up everything you need to know about the record. Pictures of Thom

in a straw stetson reveal the album's strong country flavour, while a

backstage snap of Thom and friends clapping heartily to a singalong,

encapsulates the hokey tone of the record.

It's a tone that is all-too-familiar from Thom's first record

Smile... It Confuses People


pining for a bygone era and them good ol' days. A strange sentiment for

a 26-year-old who hasn't lived through the days she sings about.

Musically, the album is also more of the same.

The acapella opening of

Success' Ladder

is a carbon copy of

I Wish I was a Punk Rocker

, while the rest of the 13-track offering serves up yet more hand claps, tambourines and slow drum rolls.

Thom has just two songwriting modes; happy and defiant (

The Devil's Beat, 'm a Human Being

) or sultry and wistful (

Wounded Hearts, Mirrors

). Though the second category produces Thom's better offerings, they are nothing exceptional.


Thom shot to fame two years ago, webcasting a series of "concerts" from

her basement, her enterprising back story garnered more attention than

her music.

With that novelty factor removed, all eyes are on Thom's music alone, leaving

The Pink and the Lily

to wilt in the spotlight.

Joanna Hunkin