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Continuing the tally of the top 100 moments in Kiwi music from C4's Rocked the Nation

63: In 1976, Paul Crowther, Split Enz' first drummer and musical inventor, comes up with the Hotcake guitar distortion pedal, still handmade by Crowther and his wife to this day. You can hear it in full effect on Th' Dudes' Bliss.

62: Music TV comes to New Zealand in the form of Cry TV in Christchurch, hosted by a young Petra Bagust.

61: John Hanlon scores a huge hit with Damn the Dam in 1973 and wins the Apra Silver Scroll songwriting awards in 1974 and 1975, yet he is a noticeable absence on the Nature's Best series, released to celebrate Apra's 75th anniversary in 2001.

60: "We were little arseholes" is the way Underdogs frontman Murray Grindley describes his band. They are stoned, troublemaking louts and conservative 60s New Zealand has never seen anything like it.

59: Band Aid has Bono, USA For Africa Michael Jackson, and in 1987, New Zealand recruits the likes of Keith Quinn and Precious McKenzie to sing on Sailing Away in support of our America's Cup crew.

58: Bill Sevesi (above) is a pioneer of Polynesian music and guitar legend. "The steel guitar has been a very good friend of mine for my whole life," he says.

57: Chris Knox and his band the Enemy take the art of scaring people to new extremes when he starts slashing his arms during shows.

56: Howard Morrison stars in New Zealand's first musical film in 1966 and sings the title track, Don't Let It Get You. Caltex pay $2000 for brand exposure.

55: Rockquest starts in 1989. The 1990 winner is a band with the funky name De Funk Express and the singer just happens to be Opshop's Jason Kerrison.

54: Kiri sings at Charles and Diana's wedding which surely gives her every right to slag off popera stars.

53: On the 1994 Proud compilation, producer Alan Jansson conjures up an "urban pacific" sound with tracks like In the Neighbourhood by Sisters Underground. Classic.

52: John Psathas composes the music for the flame lighting at the opening of the 2004 Athens Olympics.

51: The most famous te reo song is Patea Maori Club's Poi E but Moana Maniapoto has been singing in Maori for years and in 2003 Moko wins Nashville's International Songwriting Competition.

50: In 1971 Bruno Lawrence takes his BLERTA travelling music road show on tour for the first time and gets people dancing all around the world.

49: Saucy Sharon O'Neill got pulses racing with her spa video for Asian Paradise in 1980 and strikes it big with Maxine in 1983, but then record company CBS pulls the pin and she can't record for four years.

48: In the 1960s Douglas Lilburn, one of New Zealand's foremost classical composers, ditches his traditional approach in favour of electronic music.

47: In 2000 Anika Moa signs to Atlantic records but soon realises America is not for her.

46: Hello Sailor and Dragon share a very rock'n'roll Ponsonby flat in the 70s."They moved in upstairs and we moved in downstairs like an infestation of cockroaches," remembers Todd Hunter.

45: Max Merritt is a 60s rock'n'roll star but his greatest hit is 1975's beautiful Slipping Away.

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