A Moto3 rider has stunned the motorsport world after pulling off one of the most improbable great escapes from a dramatic crash in France.

The mayhem unfolded just before the final lap as a large group of riders rounded the corner onto the finish line at Le Mans.

Enea Bastiannini was in fourth at the time but the Italian slid out of control and skidded towards the gravel.

Coming directly behind Bastiannini's path was Jakub Kornfeil, who had no time to get out of the way of the Italian's bike.


Kornfeil's race looked destined to come to a destructive end as he smashed into the back of the bike in front of him but incredibly, the Czech rider managed to jump off Bastiannini's bike and escape the carnage.

"Oh my god what have we just seen there, one of the commentators exclaimed.

"How has Jakub Kornfeil stayed on? It was a motorcross jump from him."

"Evel Knievel has got nothing on Jakub Kornfeil, I'll tell you that," the other commentator added.

"10 out of 10 for the landing!

"Jeremy McGrath eat your heart out. His phone's ringing off the hook now from teams wanting him to ride in the Anaheim Supercross next year."

Kornfeil ended up finishing the race in sixth place just a few seconds behind winner, Albert Arenas.

"The first thing I was thinking of was to open the gas and stand up on the pegs," Kornfeil said.


"The landing was so heavy, my rear suspension went down to its maximum.

"It even activated my leathers' airbag."

"The last lap was really painful so (I) could not wait to stretch my body after the race.

"Right after crossing the finish line, I left my bike to the marshalls, opened the leather (and) tried to relax (a) little bit.

"I think I won't ever forget this race."