Motorsport fans have watched in horror, as a terrifying crash unfolded on live TV during Britain's Formula 4 championship.

The incident occurred as part of the British Touring Car Championship event at the Donington Park Circuit.

British Formula Four driver Billy Monger crashed into Finnish driver Patrik Pasma at high speed, and the extent of the violent collision was magnified, as broadcasters were showing an on-board shot of Monger as the incident occurred.

Footage of the incident shows Pasma slowing dramatically, before unsighted Monger smashes into the back of his vehicle.


Pasma was taken to the on-site medical facility and, amazingly, was okay, with only superficial injuries.

Monger remained trapped in the vehicle for almost an hour after the crash, but broadcasters informed viewers that they had received word that he remained conscious.

Several fans took to social media, after watched the terrifying incident occur.

Monger is one of the emerging talents on the British Motorsport scene and is just 17-years-old.

He currently sits in fifth place in the driver's standings in the 2017 championship, with Patrik Pasma in second place. Monger also currently leads the Challenge Cup standings for young drivers in the category.

The youngster, hailing from Surrey, goes by the nickname of "Billy the Wiz" and had high goals for the 2017 season.

"Whatever the category, I have won races and, for 2017, it is my time to become the British F4 champion," Monger writes, on his team's Facebook page.

"I strive for the win in everything I do. This is the only goal in my mind, to be the best ever."