Worth a staggering £2.1million, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is no ordinary car.

So when it comes to getting a polish, a quick once-over just won't do.

After announcing that the world's most expensive new car was going on sale, the London dealership displaying it spent £3,000 making sure every inch of its lacquer coat was perfect.

The vehicle was shipped from Shanghai to the Jack Barclay showroom in Mayfair, west London, after being showcased at events around the world.


To give it a 'shake down' ahead of sale, they brought in Topaz Detailing to give its carbon fibre and polished aluminium body new finish.

Experts spent more than eight hours forensically examining the car with a microscope to pinpoint even the tiniest imperfection.

Using an ultrasonic depth measurement gauge, they assessed the depth of each layer of the vehicle's paint, which is made up of primer, paint and lacquer.

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Experts from Topaz Detailing inspect car's lacquer coat with microscope

After studying the scans on a laptop, they then remove the scratches and impurities in a process known as paint correction, using electronic buffing tools.

Using the finest grades of polish, they scanned and polished until all of the scratches and impurities in that section were removed before moving on to the next part.

The service, which sometimes takes more than 60 hours, typically costs between £2,500 and £3,000 plus VAT, but is vital when dealing with a car worth more than £2 million.

Derek Bennett, general manager of the the Jack Barclay showroom, said: 'I have never seen anything like it.

'It is amazing what they have done. We are absolutely delighted with what they have done.

'Jack Barclay has a long and rich history in selling some of the most exotic and finest supercars in the world.

'For many of our customers perfection is the only goal. Everything associated with the car from the factory to the detailers meets exacting standards only achievable through carefully selected partners such as Topaz.

Process took eight hours and can cost between £2,500 and £3,000

'Our showroom is literally a motor show, everyday our cars must shine spotlessly and fit the vision our customers had when they first dreamt of supercar ownership.

'Attention to detail is a statement of intent, that we will deliver on our promise of being the finest Bugatti retailer in the world.

'Bugatti detailers polish and finish their cars by human eye, but Topaz use a digital scanner to seek out areas so microscopic that only the final polishing effect of these marginal gains can be appreciated as a whole once the car is complete.

Mazin Naamo, director at Topaz Detailing said he was thrilled to have worked with the car.

'It really gives us a sense of achievement to work with what is probably the most exclusive dealership in the world and with one of the last Veyrons that may ever be made.'

Mr Naamo described the company as cosmetic enhancement specialists for anyone who cares about the way their car looks. 'Our service caters to everyone you don't have to have a Bugatti.

'It is for people who are passionate about the way their cars look, paying for them to look a certain way and maintain it.

'It's like consulting a specialist doctor - we're paint specialists and everything to do with the cosmetics of the car. We are cosmetic enhancement specialists, we know how to bring up the paint work on specialist materials to make it look brand new or better.'

Mr Naamo added the technologies used on the Bugatti were the company's 'secret'.

The car has been brought to the Jack Barclay showroom in Mayfair to be sold

'Every buffer pad has a different density and a different abrasion level. It also has a different backing plate so the combinations that we have to work out in terms of machine, pad and compound combination - you're talking hundreds of possibilities.

'That's where our experience comes in, that's our secret.'


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