Prominent V8 Supercars team owner Rod Nash says Ford's iconic Mustang-branded muscle car could be the future for the brand in the Australian motorsports category.

The last model of the Ford Falcon is set to be released towards the end of the year and Ford's decision to cease local manufacturing by October 2016 has increased doubts over the company's ongoing participation in V8 Supercars.

Nash, who is a co-owner in the factory-backed Ford Performance Racing (FPR) team, believes the two-door Mustang coupe could be the car to keep Ford in the championship.

A sixth-generation version of the Mustang is due for release in Australia in the latter part of next year.


Nash says the possibility of racing the car in future years of the V8s is one his team have to look at.

"The opportunity is there for a V8 Supercar to be a two-door," Nash told

"If we want to do a two-door vehicle going forward then that will be part of it.

"It's all part of manufacturers going forward and being able to accommodate what they want to do."

With the Holden Commodore also facing extinction no later than 2017, V8 Supercars has opened itself to the possibility of changing current regulations to allow two-door coupes to race alongside or in place of the current four-door sedan designs allowed.

If that change is adopted, not only will Ford be able to race Mustangs but cars such as Chevrolet Camaros and Dodge Challengers could join the grid.

"Nothing is granted until you put it up through the V8 Supercars Commission," Nash said.

"Any subject has to go up so it's not mandated that you just go out and do it."


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