Mazda is preparing to stun the motoring world with its third-generation Mazda6 sedan, and two months before its planned debut at the Paris Motor Show, the company has issued a short teaser video showing a portion of the front end.

It's not an unfamiliar sight - the video confirms how similar the production model looks to the Takeri concept, pictured here, at least as far as the front grille and headlights are concerned.

Another interesting bit from the concept is a chrome line that runs along the lower end of the bumper before piercing into the headlights.

Expect the new sedan to be more than just a pretty face, however. As with the new Mazda CX-5, you'll find a healthy dose of Mazda's new Skyactiv technology beneath the surface.


This philosophy extends from lightweight but rigid body structures through to the advanced and super-efficient new engines with unusual compression ratios.

The initial engine range will probably mirror that of the CX-5, which has a diesel engine in 110kW/380Nm and 129kW/420Nm guises and a 2-litre petrol engine with 121kW/210Nm on tap.

Don't be surprised if the new Mazda6 also has a regenerative braking system, again like the Takeri concept.