A Bentley race car smashed record books at the Goodwood Festival of Speed auction.

It was held only 50km from Brooklands, where it set a 1932 speed record of 219.93km/h. Sir Henry "Tim" Birkin's 4.5L Blower single-seater, sold for $2 million more than it's predecessor's price, selling for $9.7 million.

The Bentley Speed Six, known as "Old No 2" sold for $5.4 million at the Le Mans Classic in 2004. Now the 176kW supercharged red racer is leading the pack, despite it being somewhat challenging to those brave enough to drive it.

Sir Henry Birkin said of the car at Brooklands: "There are bumps which jolt the driver up and down in the seat and make the car leave the road and travel through the air."