The stunning Lamborghini Aventador J is set to disappear into a private collection, but the Italian supercar (and now SUV) specialist has given us one last opportunity to drool at the spectacular concept.

Aventador J was essentially a show-pony concept car, revealed at this year's Geneva International Motor Show, that demonstrated just what the flagship Lambo could be capable of.

As with many concept cars, it was never going to reach production - most drivers demand creature comforts like windscreens in their cars - and will now become part of an unnamed collector's private garage.

Lamborghini has released this video to give fans of the dramatic-looking roadster a final look before it disappears from public view.


The buyer reportedly dropped a staggering NZ$3.3m to own the only Aventador J in the world. While the pricetag is hard to fathom, the attraction of the ultra-serious performance specs is screamingly obvious.

The car is based on Lamborghini's V12 flagship Aventador LP 700-4, a monocoque carbon fibre polymer monster that's extremely light while still exhibiting extreme chassis stiffness.

Its hard-revving 6.5 litre V12 cranks out a whopping 515kW (700hp), thrown to the ground via a quick-shifting ISR transmission and kept on the black stuff with a combination of cutting-edge pushrod suspension and full-time four wheel drive.