Forget lone bikers - many ride in groups, or with pillions. Communication to suggest a coffee, a photo or fuel stop, and to alert companions to spilled diesel or a flat tyre would be handy.

That's what intercoms are for.

I tried the Scala Q2 multiset that retails at $799. The ear piece slots into your helmet liner while the mic curves round the chin piece. The little Bluetooth controller clips to the helmet base, and you're done.

As an intercom, it switches on when you speak, though we did find the mic had to be placed just right to work. It switches off if you don't talk for a while, but while it's on it exaggerates wind noise. Of course it isn't effective if you ride with earplugs.

However, it certainly eased communication once we got the volume right, and provided you remember to unclip the controller between rides to recharge it at a household socket.