I love the New Year because it's such a good time to put a number of positive strategies into action in all parts of your life.

And that's the purpose of this message.

It's my invitation to take some time over the holiday break and think about what I call your 'Winning Hand' strategy for 2013.

In other words, what marketing strategies are you going to use so that 2013 is going to be a super successful year for both you and your business?


When you look at implementing a 'winning hand' marketing strategy there are many areas you can focus on.

Here are three to get you thinking...

Winning Hand Strategy One:

Develop a marketing magnet to atttact potential new clients and customers to your business.

My favourite marketing magnet is to use a special report that contains helpful information (related to what you sell) that an ideal client would love to read.

For instance:
1: There is an interesting business called Crackerjack Contracting who specialise in connecting businesses with professional services contractors.

They have an excellent 20 page special report called 'The Insiders Guide to Professional Services Contracting' that covers a wealth of useful information for any person who wants to be successful as a professional services contractor. Their guide covers how to write a profile so that clients will hire you, how to determine the best rate to charge for a contract, common mistakes to avoid and much, much more.

This special report is a good example of a powerful marketing magnet for one of their ideal target markets which is professional services contractors.

2: A top selling real estate sales professional called Todd Yelavich has a very useful guide called 'Five Steps To Sold- the stressfree way to sell your home'. This booklet has 16 pages of helpful ideas to help any home owner get an excellent price when they sell their home. Including a number of ideas that are not that commonly known but work remarkably well.

3: An accountant I know has a real expertise in helping his business owner clients buy commercial real estate and create a wonderful nest egg and long term passive income. He has a brand new guide that shows business owners exactly how to do this and this is available in January 2013. Feel free to contact Kanu Patel at Patel Pike Associates for more details.

Winning Hand Strategy Two:

Collect and use compelling client testimonials in all your marketing.

Here's a simple example.

It's a testimonial I was sent about a free 396 page EBook I offer called 'The Unfair Business Advantage Report.'

"You can't read this amazing report without finding at least a dozen million dollar ideas!" - Robert G. Allen. (New York Times Best Selling Author.)

Notice how effective it is when someone else says nice things about your product or service compared to you saying the same thing on your own behalf.

Positive client testimonials are an excellent winning hand marketing strategy and it surprises me how few businesses actually use them.

Winning Hand Strategy Three:

Implement an AVSIT Marketing programme.

AVSIT means you Add Value Stay in Touch.

So you regularly contact people in a way that adds value to them. This can be done both online and offline and for best results I suggest a combination of both.

One person who uses the AVSIT Strategy particularly well is copywriting expert Bob Bly.

Bob has an excellent e-zine on marketing called The Direct Response Letter. When you sign up, you not only get this e-zine (at no charge) plus on-going weekly marketing tips that are easy to read and apply in any business. I've been a subscriber of Bob's for many years now and always get value out of what he sends me each week.

There are dozens of way to implement a 'winning hand' marketing strategy. And a great time to do this is in the brand new year which starts soon.

"One should always play fairly when one has the winning cards." - Oscar Wilde
Action Exercise:
What are some of the things you are going to do in 2013 to develop a 'winning hand' marketing strategy?