Outspoken ad man John Ansell finally got to promote his "Colourblind State'' campaign in Auckland yesterday.

The Rotary Club of Remuera cancelled a meeting Ansell planned last month, claiming it had been "ambushed'' into providing a platform for a political ad campaign launch.

Yesterday afternoon, about 60 people, mainly middle-aged men, attended a talk by Ansell at Greenlane Christian Centre. Ansell is the man who was behind race-based election campaigns for the National Party and Act, including the divisive "Iwi/Kiwi" billboards in 2005.

Ansell has distributed material claiming the Treaty of Waitangi was invented by "dishonest politicians, academics, bureaucrats, judges, media owners and iwi leaders for their own political gain."


He illustrated his speech with images of political figures, including Prime Minister John Key, wearing a pirate-style eye patch.

- Herald on Sunday