Contact, stand beside ... there is still an opportunity for any team in Horowhenua to play netball this season should they wish.

Netball Horowhenua has cancelled the current season in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, and has stood firm on a decision based on initial feedback through a Facebook survey.

But that decision may have been premature, as Horowhenua Chronicle understands there are many clubs and school teams that still want to play netball, with almost three months still left in the season.

Neighbouring associations Manawatū and Kāpiti are resuming their competitions, albeit with the necessary Covid-19 distancing measures in places, and have said they would look at accommodating teams from Horowhenua provided they joined up in time.


And there were efforts to have leagues continue in Levin. The people involved in organising the tournaments didn't want to create bad blood with Netball Horowhenua, they just saw it as filling a void for the remainder of this season only.

Nick Bailey, who had experience running indoor sports leagues in Palmerston North, Wellington, and Levin for more than 30 years, said he was happy to help facilitate a senior and college grade competitions for the remainder of this season, with the help of others.

Nick Bailey.
Nick Bailey.

Bailey said senior grade competition games were booked for tomorrow at the Tiro Tiro Road Stadium in Levin.

And there was still time for any junior teams to register for their new competition, now due to start on June 27.

All junior and primary netball teams keen to continue playing in Horowhenua could to so, in a tournament to be held at netball's traditional base at Donnelly Park in Levin.

Teams had to register by June 12. All schools have been sent registration forms.

Meanwhile, like Kāpiti and Manawatū associations, Netball Horowhenua was affiliated to Netball New Zealand through Central Netball.

Central Netball chief executive Officer Fran Scholey said at the end of the day they would look at supporting any organisation trying to facilitate a game of netball.


Netball New Zealand had made a decision to waive their fees this year in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak, while Central Netball have said they would halve their fee.

A percentage of all player subs each season went towards governing bodies Netball NZ and Central Netball.

Netball action from the Tiro Tiro Road Stadium.
Netball action from the Tiro Tiro Road Stadium.

Central Netball said they would also be happy to extend payment schedules and work through any issues if it meant getting players back on the court.

Both Netball Kāpiti and Netball Manawatu will finalise their post-Covid 19 competition draws next week in time for a restart on Saturday, June 20.