British and Irish Lions flanker James Haskell has had enough of negative fans on social media.

The English rugby veteran, who played 12 games for the Highlanders, took to Instagram today to hit back at two fans who were slating him.

One female fan living in New Zealand, who had taken a photo with Haskell during the Lions tour, started the row by calling Haskell "Not very funny. Comes across arrogant when you meet him actually."

That stance was backed up by another fan, who called him an "absolute cock".


In response, Haskell blasted the pair, hilariously calling them "negative potholes".

Haskell said he took time out of his day to take photos and interact with the female fan, who stayed in New Zealand throughout the whole tour.

"That's funny, took my time to have a photo with you and meet your friends," Haskell wrote.

"You are a lying nause who drove the lads mad with your inane pestering."

James Haskell fires up at fans. Photo / Instagram
James Haskell fires up at fans. Photo / Instagram

As for the bloke who called him an "absolute cock", well, Haskell labelled him as someone who "looks like he still lives with his mum."

"You two are what's wrong with social media. You are both negative potholes and should be avoided at all costs."

Haskell is no stranger to controversy in New Zealand before, with a Dunedin hotel worker claiming she was harassed by Haskell during England's 2011 Rugby World Cup campaign.

Haskell is one of rugby's biggest stars on social media, with 163,000 followers on Twitter and 213,000 on Instagram, and recieved support for his stance.

One of his critics, meanwhile, has already deleted their account.