Aussie blogger Constance Hall has just installed a DIY backyard spa thanks to the efforts of her husband - but fans are up in arms over its safety.

The outspoken mum from Perth, who boasts 1.3 million fans on Facebook, shared the photo of the addition with her followers, explaining how it had been built by husband Denim Cooke for just $550, reports

"I have always wanted a pool but the older I got the more self-aware I became of my own limitations … apparently they are hard work," Constance wrote.

"And this house has a small block, we have a pond full of fish here with a beautiful water feature and the sound of that is so relaxing, but I still wanted something I could hop in. A spa! I thought."


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While the post has garnered a whopping 34,000 positive reactions, among the 1800 comments were many from mothers highlighting a potential safety concern.

"Please please always remember to drain it. This and the fishpond gives me anxiety with Raja running around and being so little!" Wrote one worried mum.

The 36-year-old's family of seven children includes four kids from her previous marriage, two stepchildren, and 18-month-old Raja.

Constance Hall has mums freaking out over a new DIY spa she recently installed in her garden. Photo / Instagram
Constance Hall has mums freaking out over a new DIY spa she recently installed in her garden. Photo / Instagram

Another mum said: "We have to have fences around even little wading pools … it's the law.

"Children drown so quickly and it's scary so I can see why we have laws to keep the kids safe. I am sure she watches Raja but it's that one time when they just disappear."

A third said the reality of children drowing was an issue all parents needed to be aware of, and constant monitoring was a must.

"Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death in children age 1 to 4. No one thinks you don't know what your doing. It can happen to anyone."


Another said: "I was just about to comment the same thing, water plus children gives me major anxiety and I will always say something like this."

Constance assured her followers water from the spa was drained into her garden. Photo / Instagram
Constance assured her followers water from the spa was drained into her garden. Photo / Instagram

Constance explained on the post how she spent a total of $530 to construct the spa as well as telling her followers water from the spa was drained into her garden.

"I'm so proud of my husband … bath time just got so much more fun,' she said adding: "Not a plumber, just a clever b*stard."

Others commenting on the thread said as far as they were concerned, Constance was a savvy enough mum who likely had the situation under control.

"Don't think she needs you to tell her how to keep her kids safe, she has plenty of kids with plenty of experience and they are all still safe and sound," said one.

Water safety

Water Safety New Zealand have shared this advice for parents to keep babies and toddlers safe.

Provide constant active adult supervision at all times

Always keep babies and toddlers within arms' reach around water. It takes less than a minute for a child to drown.

If you're in a group, have an active adult supervision roster

Don't rely on older children to supervise younger ones in, on or around water. Constant active adult supervision is required at all times.

Identify water hazards in and around your property and your neighbour's

Any body of water is a potential drowning hazard for a small child, including puddles, creeks, water races, troughs, drainage ditches and effluent ponds.

Empty water from unused buckets, paddling pools, and containers after use.

Pools should be properly fenced and comply with the safety requirements under the Building (Pools) Amendment Act 2016, with properly working safety latches.

Ensure pool gates are secure and locked at all times.

Ensure your toddler has a fenced play area away from any potential water hazards.

Use your Water Safety bathmat at bath times

Water Safety New Zealand works with Plunket to supply bath mats to new parents to keep toddlers and babies safe at bath time.

The bath mats stop your child from slipping.

Avoid distraction

Put your phone away when supervising children around water. Their lives are in your hands and their safety requires your full attention.

Teach your children water safety behaviour

As soon as they are old enough to understand, teach your children things like: "Never go near the water unless you're with a grownup."

It is important children are taught that while water is to be enjoyed, it must also be respected. Teach them about the risks and dangers associated with water based activities.

Wear lifejackets

Lifejackets should be worn whenever your child is around water as accidental immersions are a leading cause of preventable drowning fatalities in New Zealand.

Support your child and give them enjoyable and positive early experiences around water

It is important to begin your child's aquatic education early and is as simple as taking them to a pool for a fun splash around.

It is crucial that every New Zealander can learn to enjoy the water from an early age so they can learn essential aquatic skills to keep them safe.