Constance Hall has spoken candidly about her financial troubles after a fan claimed she couldn't afford the Mummy blogger's $NZD7.80 monthly subscription fees.

Taking to Facebook on Thursday, the blogger said a fan reached out to tell her she felt "bullied and left out" because she couldn't afford Hall's "extra content" fees.

Hall said the would-be member said "it isn't fair" she should miss out on content simply because of subscription fees and claimed the money has gone to Hall's head.

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I’ve accepted a speaking engagement. Anyone who knows me or has followed me for a long time knows that’s a rarity, I do it a few times a year if that. Originally I stopped because I accepted a public appearance at a shopping centre near my home town in Baldivis and the threats were astonishing, threats to bottle me, glass me, spit on me etc etc. I decided it was time to pull back, save my voice for for ears that would listen. Since then large corporations have invited me to be a guest speaker and I’ve refused them all. Of late the only places I have spoken at have been highschools ironically I found teenagers more mature and inspiring then adults. Then along came She. My manager asked me about 20 times if I would consider speaking at this event and if I’m honest I didn’t even read the email, so used to the same old crap. People wanting to sell shit to my Queens and use me as the draw card. Then by chance I stumbled across Kate Maree O'Brien the founder of She on Instagram. She’s a kiwi, she’s been through anxiety, depression, drug addiction and she’s now the boss lady kicking life’s arse and openly sharing her experiences with women everywhere. Kate is just different. She has put together a three day course designed to wake us the fuck up and teach us to get out of our own way in life. These three days are going to change your life. I know this because my life changed after sitting in on a self help seminar that I was dragged to kicking and screaming- way too cool for that shit. I left inspired and uplifted and with in 3 months was living a completely different life. So needless to say I have accepted the speaking engagement, I have a lot to share and believe this is the platform to share it, I’ll probably learn a lot there too. If you are free and believe you have the potential to get out of a rut or take off to another level, in love or career or you just wanna do something for you, come it’s at the end of August in the Gold Coast and it goes for 3 days. Follow the link for tickets and use the discount code SHE15 for 15% off. I feel really proud to be a part of this event @katemareeobrien for link and tickets 🌵🌏🌔🌟

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She said she doesn't need to justify herself, but she wanted to share her response and get "pretty honest" because her "ethics are constantly being questioned".


The blogger said while people never question entrepreneurs such as Sam Wood, Mia Freedman and Michelle Bridges, she is struggling and on the verge of bankruptcy.

"You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about regarding my finances, I make my donations, I try and support my family and I lie awake in bed crying because I can not pay my electricity bill," Hall wrote.

Hall said that her company pays its staff wages, including her own, and she has "maxed out her credit card to pay my rates, legal fees of three court cases".

She also claimed she has applied for another loan to pay off more bills and can't even afford to pay for therapy to help her cope with her financial woes.

Hall claimed people were constantly relying on her to come up with a crazy new idea to make more money and put food on the table and her husband works for free.

"My kids have gone without so much and I have told them it's so they become better people.. it's not, it's because at the moment, we have nothing," she said.

Hall even claimed her financial troubles are so bad she's even googled "bankruptcy" in the hope it will provide her with a solution.

The mummy blogger said when she was originally approached by Facebook to add the fee for extra content, she thought it was a great idea.


But with added content comes more work, and according to Hall, this has doubled her admins' wages costs - in addition to paying experts for their interviews.

According to Hall's Facebook page, the $NZD7.80 fee gives subscribers access to an exclusive group called Queen the Village, where 'likeminded women can share intimate details on love and loss without being judged'.

Subscribers also receive a supporter badge, a 15 per cent discount at Like A Queen Shop and Queen the Label, extra behind-the-scene footage and interactive Q&As.

Hall wrote: "Acting as if I don't know what it's like to be broke and saying that the money has gone to my head is so extremely untrue."

The lengthy post received thousands of reactions on social media, with many of Hall's loyal supporters taking to Facebook to defend her.

"I'm so sorry you keep experiencing this bull***t as seriously the $7.50 a month is not expensive," one person wrote.

"All you have ever done is empower women for the great of good. To hear that you have been called a bully is absolutely outrageous," another person said.

A third person added: ''I'm disgusted that people feel the need to give you a hard time for starting something so wonderful and simply getting paid (not enough) for it."

Hall is being sued by Perth journalist Kristen Watts, editor of her bestselling book for unpaid royalties and defamation.