As we welcome in 2020, it's a good time to catch up on the very best of the Herald columnists we enjoyed reading in 2019. From politics to sport, from business to entertainment and lifestyle, these are the voices and views our audience loved the most. Today it's the top five from lifestyle columnist Lee Suckling.

The unspoken rules of sex with strangers in New Zealand

With the rise of dating and hookup apps, it's never been easier to have a non-committed rendevouz with a stranger - but despite this, it's not always a "no-strings-attached situation". Suckling presents the unspoken rules when it comes to sex with strangers.

Why you may have been 'paid' for sex without realising

While we might be familiar with the business transactions of sex workers and sugar babies, everyday people also exchange money for sex without realising. Lee Suckling reveals the "contra" situations where you might feel obliged to have sex when someone pays for you on a date.

Ten trends you'll probably get sucked into this year

At the beginning of 2019, Suckling presented the ten trends we would probably be caving into during the year. Now is the time to go back and see which ones you fell for - and which ones didn't end up eventuating. Elderberries, corduroy or ugly sneaker, anyone?


The etiquette of threesomes

Ever wanted to invite a friend over for some fun in a safe, polite and non-creepy way? It can be done. Threesomes are a fantasy for a lot of people - and Lee Suckling reveals what it's like on both sides of the threesome dynamic.

Why Military spouses should sleep in on Anzac Day

Being a military spouse himself - occasionally playing second fiddle to the "demanding mistress" that is the Army - Suckling has recommendations for those in similar situations on Anzac Day. As well as remembering our fallen soldiers, it's also a day for taking stock of the military's influence on our lives.