It seems that when the Queen cancelled Prince Andrew's birthday party, she also cancelled Prince Andrew.

And if she didn't, then the British press certainly has.

I wonder if when he looks back on his fateful decision to do that now infamous BBC interview, he imagines it could possibly have ended up here.

His daughter's wedding scaled back, his royal standard unceremoniously pulled down, being stood down from public duties, charities bailing on him, businesses abandoning him, and now ... a newly published expose of all his questionable business activities and practices.

Prince Andrew's behaviour's been called
Prince Andrew's behaviour's been called "morally offensive". Photo / Getty Images

The insinuation around his business dealings are that those dealings are dodgy. Dodgy in the sense the allegations are he "exploited" his taxpayer-funded role as Britain's trade envoy ..." to work behind the scenes for friends.

There are also allegations around Caribbean tax havens, wealthy tycoons paying down ex-wife Fergie's debts and funding his extravagant lifestyle.

Prince Andrew's behaviour's been called "morally offensive".

"A senior member of the Royal Family involved in offshore shenanigans ..." as one politician called it.

There are even calls now for him to be stripped of his HRH title.

Yes this is all about Andrew and what a mess he's made of things, but I actually can't help feeling sorry for the Queen in all of this.

She's the one whose worked so hard to be "The Crown" all these years and to do the right thing. She can't help the behaviour of the Heir and the spare ... both of whom have caused her grief over the years.

Having said that, that's what children do, but most of us get to live that out in a way that isn't splashed across the world's front pages for months on end.


And tomorrow the BBC will air its interview with the woman in that photo with Prince Andrew ... Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claims she was used as a sex slave and had sex with Prince Andrew three times.

So the poor Queen ... This must be right up there with her Annus Horribilis.

I don't know how she does it. If the rumours are true, she won't be doing it for much longer however.

Prince Charles is allegedly taking over as Prince Regent in about 18 months, allowing her to retire.

Off the back of a year of Harry and Meghan's dramas, and with one Royal author saying scathingly of her favourite son, "He's absolutely finished. If Andrew's no longer representing or supporting the monarch in any capacity, or doing good charitably, what's the point of him?"... I imagine those 18 months can't come soon enough.