A private jet is a luxury but the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have proven the privilege isn't always necessary.

Prince William and Kate Middleton showed the world they can live like the rest of us by hopping aboard a £73 economy flight to Scotland yesterday.

To the surprise of fellow passengers, the Duke, Duchess and their three children boarded a Flybe plane to Balmoral Castle, the royal family's Scottish holiday home, reports The Sun.

This comes just days after criticism of Prince Harry and Meghan's multiple private jets taken in an 11 day period.


Celebrities flocked to defend the couple. And while one pointed out travelling on a public airline would be a "security risk" for royals, William and Kate's latest move appears to quash this theory.

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Clearly the Cambridges weren't fussed about flying with regular folk. Their flight was taken on a regional airline from Norwich International Airport, England, to Aberdeen Airport, Scotland.

Harry and Meghan payed $37,000 for return private jet flights on a 6-day holiday to Ibiza. Photo / Getty Images
Harry and Meghan payed $37,000 for return private jet flights on a 6-day holiday to Ibiza. Photo / Getty Images

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On landing, paparazzi snapped Prince William lugging four travel bags while children Charlotte, 4, and George, 6, followed behind obediently with their own backpacks.

And mum Kate was spotted in tow with Louis, 1, in her arms as they made their way to black Range Rovers to transport them to Balmoral castle.

A stunned traveller told The Sun: "Earlier in the flight, I'd had the feeling that someone had come on the plane that I'd recognised - but I thought it was just a footballer.

"We landed, and people then saw two black Range Rovers on the tarmac.


"Suddenly, Will, Kate, and the kids all got up, and left.

"They weren't harassed by anyone at all as they got off the plane. They just seemed like a family travelling together to be honest.

"No one saw them get on the plane either. It was amazing how they did it - they must have slipped on quietly, after people were already seated."

The fellow passenger said on the plane there was a security presence and passengers weren't allowed to use the toilet because it was "out of order".

They explained to The Sun: "I couldn't believe my eyes. You don't expect to see royalty on a budget airliner."

According to The Sun, if the family had flown privately it would have cost $700,000. Harry and Meghan's recent return trip to Ibiza totalled $37,000. It was later revealed Sir Elton John footed the bill.

Beyond the cost of their jet-setting, the Sussex family were criticised for espousing concern for environmental issues, then using gass-guzzling private jets that would have created around seven times more emissions per person than a commercial flight, reports The Sun.

Meanwhile, the Cambridges have joined the Queen and Prince Philip in Balmoral for the bank holiday long weekend.

A royal source told The Sun: "The Queen loves spending time with all her great-grandchildren and they all call her Gan-Gan.

"Harry and Meghan won't be going up at the same time as William and the cousins.

"They plan to go next month."

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