Katie Hine is completing a Graduate Diploma in environmental waste management and for four years has been working towards zero waste.

In this series, Katie shares her top tips to reduce waste in 2019.

2 - Buy bulk and save money.

Soap, almonds, vinegar, flour, baking soda and everything in between - it's surprising what's available at a local bulk store.


"It's really easy to get everything you need in bulk with no packaging," she said.

Katie takes clean jars, tins and plastic boxes to the local Bulk Food market.

After four years Katie has discovered many simple ways to cut down waste. She says it's best to take it one step at a time.

"You've got to find ways that fit with your own lifestyle. You can make small changes to what you already consume by just thinking alternatively, and thinking a little more consciously."

Katie's blog is at www.zerobelow.co.nz

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