From the moment Lime Scooters were launched in New Zealand they have been turning up where you'd least expect them.

It appears to be somewhat of a cultural phenomenon, like a zesty take on "Where's Wally"? — now with added vandalism.

A New Zealand-based Facebook fan page "Limes in Weird Places" has sprung up to document Lime-based mischief-making.

While we might feel sorry for the "juicers" who have to rescue the e-scooters, this page is objectively funny. Here's the best of it, with thanks to the people of New Zealand.


1. That's not where they go (part one).

2. This one took some serious work. I'm like a parent who is "disappointed" but secretly "impressed".

3. Seriously, that's not where they go.

4. Can you spot me?

5. Limes don't grow on trees (or do they?).

6. This feels like a challenge.