A Wellington university student will be hosting the Duke and Duchess of Sussex during their visit to a local cafe next week, so she can address the royal couple on the issue of mental health.

Victoria University student Lucia Kennedy, 19, will host the Youth Mental Health event on Monday at the Maranui Cafe in the capital.

Her role will be to greet the VIPs, introduce people showcasing their projects,
ensure the conversations flow and guide the media.

Kennedy said she is nervous, excited and aware of the responsibility she has representing New Zealand's young people and mental health services.


"I promise I will honour everyone and do my very best to be of service" she said.

Kennedy has been dedicated to empowering people through projects since she was 12 years old.

After living through the Christchurch earthquakes in 2011, she created the Take a Chance project to help young people develop the skills and get the support they needed to achieve their dreams. This included an initiative called Beautiful Minds, a teenage self-esteem programme.

For her efforts, she was awarded New Zealand Kid of the Year in 2011 by popular vote.

Her ambition is to create a global social and innovation entrepreneurship enterprise.

Kennedy recognises our collective level of happiness has not kept up with its potential growth despite technological advances and improved quality of life.

As a "happiness entrepreneur" she is on a mission to transform that, through creating initiatives where technology and humanity can work hand in hand to enable connectivity, lift people's self-worth, unlock the spirit of happiness, and improve people's quality of life.