By Rachel Grunwell

People often say to me, "You are Superwoman!" I understand they say it as a compliment, but I cringe every time.

I'd like to ban that word. Superwoman belongs in comic books. Living up to that title is too tough.

Yes, I juggle lots: I'm a mum, writer, yoga teacher, health retreat leader, and I run my own business as well as running marathons. But I'm no superwoman. I struggle some days too, like everyone.


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Six reasons Superwoman sucks:

1. You may have seen me via my Instagram account @inspiredhealthandfitness looking glamorous, pool-side in my bikini after teaching yoga and mindfulness at a retreat at Rotorua's Polynesian Spa. But what you don't see is the long hours of work I do behind the scenes, often in my PJs at a laptop in my office. I work hard to do a super job, but there are no super powers. Just coffee.
2. You may imagine I'm Superwoman wrangling thee kids while working. I can assure you my kids don't always view me as super. And it's thanks to a "super man" behind the scenes (also known as my husband) who shares the kid-wrangling and taxi-driving duties too. Besides, if I had super powers I'd use them on my kids to get them to magically pick up their socks.
3. You may see me on Instagram with perfect, glossy hair. This is through my work as an ambassador for the haircare brand Pureology, which is vegan, sustainable, organic, cruelty-free and works amazingly. But if you run or do CrossFit with me at 6am on weekdays, then you'll see me in my sweaty, messy state.
Sometimes people who serve me in cafes do not recognise me in this state!
4. You may see me on Instagram in September running a marathon in Hawaii. But you need to know it has taken serious determination, sweat, and gruelling training to get there. Know too that about five years ago I was an unfit mum who couldn't run. So I definitely don't have super powers. I've got there through hard work and dedication.
5. You may see my glamorous headshot in magazines like this one. But it took a long time to learn the writing craft. I'm still working hard to be super at this.
6. That Superwoman label makes people sound perfect. I'm more of a work in progress. Isn't everyone?

• Rachel Grunwell is our weekly wellness columnist. She is an award-winning writer, wellness expert, PT and yoga teacher. She teaches mindfulness to corporates to help them de-stress and improve productivity and creativity. She also coaches private clients. Just don't call her Superwoman. Follow her via: