Australia's most high-profile escort Samantha X quit the sex industry after finding love with Channel 7 newsreader Ryan Phelan.

But unfortunately that relationship broke down in October last year. Now the former journalist, whose real name is Amanda Goff, says she finds it "embarrassing" that she is returning to sex work after repeatedly claiming her days as an escort were over.

In a post on Instagram, the 43-year-old mum-of-two writes that she has been struggling with the decision for a while.

Ryan Phelan and ex-girlfriend Samantha X. Photo / Instagram
Ryan Phelan and ex-girlfriend Samantha X. Photo / Instagram

"Owning one's sh*t feels bloody amazing I can tell you," she writes.


"Before I went public last week, I had the weight of the world on my shoulders. I would be that person who would ask a stranger on a park bench about whether I should go back to work or not.

"I applied for jobs — including a dog walker, (and didn't even get an interview!) whilst trying to convince myself that Samantha was in the past and I couldn't possibly go back. I mean, how embarrassing would that be!

"I retired for love, then got dumped, all in the public arena. What a loser right!! Wrong. Life is flexible, things change. Life is a series of lessons to learn from. I don't have the answer to eternal happiness but for me, owning your stuff and being able to live a life you truly want to live, rather than obsessing about 'what people think' is the secret to my smile.

"Some man tried to blackmail me when I wouldn't see him, saying he would go to the @dailymail and tell them I was working. When you own your stuff, it makes little trolls like that powerless. I haven't chosen an easy road but it's the one for me. Try it!!"

Her announcement is something of an about-face.

In February, she insisted a return to sex work was out of the question.

"I am someone that never goes back — I'm going to keep moving forward," she told the Daily Mail.

"While I miss certain aspects of escorting, the door (to a return to the industry) is firmly closed.


"Escorting gives you freedom and flexibility, away from the constraints of a 'normal job' and while that was exciting and fun, my needs have changed.

"I'm looking for stability now."

But she added that she did miss the social side of escorting.

Amanda Goff, also known as escort Samanatha X.
Amanda Goff, also known as escort Samanatha X.

"I miss the friends I made in this colourful industry, particularly the women, and catching up with them for a drink reminds me just how strong and special these women are," she said.

"I still mentor women in this industry and I still have my escort agency Samantha X Angels, where I employ mostly women over the age of 30, who choose to escort as a hobby rather than full time."

Samantha X first revealed she had been working as a high-class escort during a Sunday Night interview in 2014.

Since then she started her own agency, Samantha X Angels, and has written two books — Hooked: Secrets Of A High-Class Escort and Back On Top — which both describe her experiences in the sex industry.

After announcing her departure from the escort industry on October 24, 2017, Samantha X discussed some of her future plans in a blog post.

"I never thought I'd be writing this, but life works in wonderfully surprising and mysterious ways!" she wrote.

"It is with great sadness, but also great excitement, that after six wonderful years as Samantha, I am hanging up my Louboutins to move onto a brand new life and new projects.

Amanda Goff, also known as escort Samanatha X.
Amanda Goff, also known as escort Samanatha X.

"This isn't a 'I'm taking a break but I'll be back' blog — this is it. The end of escorting for me, but the beginning of something even more wonderful."

She also said she would still meet with men "but clothes strictly on" for "one-to-one life, love and relationship coaching".

"I will still be involved in this wonderful industry, you will still see Samantha X pop up around you — in fact — I'm working hard to build the brand bigger and better," she said.