A rapper has taken to social media to voice his outrage over how he was treated by an airline.

Korean-American star Jin Gate, who has more than 260,000 followers on Instagram, took to the social media site this week to explain why he missed a planned concert in Minnesota, US.

Gate claims he was kicked off a JetBlue plane because of his inkings, reports news.com.au.

"Minnesota I'm sorry not my fault," Gates wrote.


"@JetBlue Don't like Asians with tattoos … we got kicked off the plane because the flight attendant said she don't feel safe on the plane with us […] as u can see even when I got kicked off I was still respectful.

"... The main supervisor asked everyone around us if we did something wrong or if they heard me being disrespectful all the passengers said I did nothing wrong!"

Gates also posted footage of himself approaching a crew member, complete with a neck pillow still on, saying "I got kicked off the plane … I don't want them to get mad at me because I can't make my show in Minnesota, you know what I'm saying?"

The employee walks away, and he tells the camera: "Crazy."

His followers were outraged, with one writing: "Can't even put a portrait on your body without being shamed upon ... I'm livid."

"This is hella messed up," another commented.

However, others insisted there must be more to the incident, which took place last month, according to the International Business Times.

However, a Jetblue spokesperson told Fox News that Gates was removed from the plane due to an altercation.


"The decision to remove a customer from a flight is not taken lightly," the spokesperson said.

"In this instance, after the customer started a verbal altercation with our crew member, our team determined the situation risked escalation during flight. The team asked the customers to deplane and their fare was refunded."