An Australian supermarket sign has left shoppers in fits of laughter after a customer picked up on Woolworths' unfortunate signage mishap.

A sign that reads "Pick up your online order here" was thought to be harmless - that's until Easter decorations hanging up in the store obstructed the sign leaving customers reading a hilarious but not so pleasant message.

The obstructed sign left customers reading the "Pick up your online order here" as "F**k up your online order here".

The image was sent to the "Woolies Meme" page with the caption "Want your order eff'd up? See us..."


Customers took to social media to poke fun and criticise Woolworths over the blunder.

"Yeh they f**k up my order all the time", one person said.

One user commented, "Deep down, this is all employees' thoughts."

Another mentioned this is what customers want, "Yet another satisfied online customer", with a reply of, "The well-oiled machine of a system we know and love."

The blunder comes just days after Auckland Airport Countdown lost its "O", leading to an unfortunate welcome for international visitors.

The store's sign appears to have had the crucial letter missing for three days because of an electrical outage, before it was quickly fixed after the Herald reported the problem.

An image was posted to Instagram with the caption: "There's only one place I shop.
Also what people yell when I fall over. Ps @countdown_nz your sign has been broken for 3 days and long may it last."

Kiwis took to social media to express their delight at Countdown's misfortune.

"The lighting on that 'O' has been seen to fail on a few fair of those signs around the country now... coincidence?!? If so, I applaud the person who made them with a 'flaw'," one person wrote.

However, the supermarket had a clever response when it contacted the Herald to explain that the sign had now been fixed.

"It just sh_ws y_u can't live in a w_rld with _ut an O!," a spokesperson said.

A Northcote Countdown lost its "O" last year, and took weeks to fix the issue.

Countdown Invercargill also fell victim to a faulty sign a few years ago according to commenters on Facebook.