Spare a thought for the employee that accidentally shared a personal post from his work's social media account to the some six million followers of NPR.

"Ramona is given a new toy: Smiles, examines for 20 seconds, discards. Ramona gets a hug: Acquiesces momentarily, squirms to be put down," the NPR post read.

"Ramona sees three cats 30 feet away: Immediately possessed by shrieking, spasmodic joy that continues after cats flee for their lives"

NPR quickly deleted the update and apologised for the mistake post that was "intended for a personal account".


While the media organisation thought it had covered its tracks, the internet was quick to pick up on the employee's mistake.

Only they weren't mad, they loved it - albeit confused if it was about another cat or a human.

Many people said the post brought happiness amidst the Las Vegas killings, while also wanting NPR to provide more answers about Ramona.

And today that is just what NPR provided.

It turns out Ramona is the one-year-old daughter of NPR swing editor Christopher Dean Hopkins.

"We don't generally delete posts, so I tried to do it in a way that would be transparent," he explained.

"My job is to promote our good work, and I catastrophically failed in that last night."

Even though he does feel bad, Mr Hopkins hasn't completely shut down the idea of more Ramona stories.

"I suppose if people keep promising to pledge to NPR and it doesn't distract from the very good work our NPR journalists do, we'll see," he said.