There's nothing new about designers looking to all corners of the globe for references, and as the world becomes increasingly smaller and travel more accessible, it's only natural those influences will filter into what we wear.

Tourist T-shirts have become a fun way to showcase a favorite holiday destination in lieu of kitchen magnets or luggage patches and, teamed with tactile denim jeans or your favourite long-haul track pants, they provide an irreverent and fun approach to casual wear.

Accessories get a look-in too - Toms has long supported disadvantaged kids with its one-for-one business model, its collection of shoes the perfect accompaniment for the keen traveller. Durable bags that can last the rough and tumble of dusty terrains and heady climates make for loyal travel companions. Gauzy scarves work in any climate - and don't forget to add trinkets and pieces you've picked up along the way, the kind of pieces you'll treasure as keepsakes of your adventures.

Moscot sunglasses, $439, from Simon James.
Augusto woven belt, $175, from Crane Brothers.
Toms suede sneakers $140.
Gasoline T-shirt, $40, from Farmers.
Zara polo shirt $45.90.
Parr six-panel cap, $85, from Good as Gold.
The North Face duffel bag $280.


Missoni spring 2018.
Tamaki Niime scarf, $245, from Fabric.
Woven cotton thread necklace, $11, from Trade Aid.
H&M shirt $40.
Vans chinos, about $75, from Need Supply.