How many times have you found yourself wanting to get in a workout that's as effective as possible at burning fat, increasing your metabolism and boosting energy levels?

Today I'm sharing my best fat-blasting workouts with both indoor and outdoor options.

If you haven't done much training recently, make sure you've got clearance from your doctor and substitute the sprints I'm about to recommend for some fast power walking.

If you are in a regular training pattern and with no injuries, there are no excuses: It's time to work out and burn fat.



As always you need a good warm up to ensure you don't injure yourself. I usually start on a cross-trainer for five to eight minutes to warm up both the upper and lower parts of my body very quickly. Then find a clear space in the gym.

• What you'll need

Jump rope
Medicine ball

• Warm up

Begin with three minutes of skipping, making sure you lift those feet high
Move straight on to a minute of walking lunges while holding the medicine ball above your head - this really gets the whole body working
Using the ball again, perform 10 to 15 tricep press ups. Then aim for another two sets.

• On your bike

Grab a bike and perform 10 sets of sprints for 20 seconds each with 20 seconds rests in between. If this is a little too hard, try extending the rest to 45 seconds and build up as you get fitter.

• Full body moving

Perform two to three sets of 10 of full body exercises such as leg presses or burpees. Finish with 10 minutes of stretching or, if you're still standing, a 20 minute moderate walk.


If you're really interested in burning fat fast, I'd also consider doing some outdoor training because the environment often challenges us more: You have uneven surfaces, wind and weather elements to combat as well. My favourite training location is outside for getting a sweat on and burning some of that good ol' body fat.

• Warm up

Try jogging up and down a hill, perform 10 squats, 10 push ups then jog backwards up the hill and forwards down again. Repeat this warm up three times. Now you should be warm and ready for action.

• Get moving

Begin with lunges up the hill. As for all exercises, make sure you are sucking in your belly button to protect your lower back. When you get to the top, jog backwards down the hill and sprint to the top. Make sure there are no obstacles in your way when jogging backwards downhill.

Once you're at the top, crab walk down the hill. To do this, sit on the ground facing downhill with your hands facing forward. Now lift your backside off the ground and walk yourself down the hill with your hands and feet. That's one set. Your goal is to repeat this five times through.

Of course, you want to finish off with a good stretch that will get all the muscles you've just worked. I recommend a full body stretch where you hold each muscle for at least 20 to 30 seconds. This outdoor training session can be performed anywhere where you have access to a hill. It's a great, fat blasting routine to ensure you burn fat in minimal time.