Architecture and contemporary art inspire a modern wardrobe of sculptural shapes, crafted textures and abstract prints.

Well-groomed gallerists take the lead here, often impeccably dressed in something obscure and interesting, be it with an abstract print or a crafted cut for a coat. Several designers this season have explored the tension between contemporary and classic art, playing with prints, colours and textures inspired by that world. Painterly brush strokes, knitwear inspired by homespun methods and coats in voluminous shapes make a big impact, adding a point of interest and challenging us to think conceptually about the way clothes can create a mood or alter a silhouette.

These art-inspired looks photographed on location at the historic Mt Eden Council Chambers and Fire Station, in Auckland, are a prime example of the old meeting the new. Constructed in 1912, using centuries-old brick and plaster building techniques, the building is an elegant blend of turn-of-the-century aesthetics and contemporary design. Developer Nigel McKenna and a team of architects, developers, builders and craftsmen restored the Chambers and Station into six high-quality apartments, helping maintain their significant heritage features - here providing the perfect backdrop for this week's unique blend of art-inspired looks.

Pictures / Guy Coombes.
Model / Katie Tomlinson from N Model Management.
Hair and makeup / Meagan Rawlings.
Shot on location at the Station penthouse, Chambers and Station, Mt Eden. Special thanks to Nigel McKenna and Templeton Group and Allan Botica of Botica Butler Raudon Partners.


Layer a statement top over a skivvy for added warmth. Photo / Guy Coombes
Layer a statement top over a skivvy for added warmth. Photo / Guy Coombes

Layer a statement top over a skivvy for added warmth. H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection top $159. Kate Sylvester skivvy $249. Gregory skirt $349. Matt Nash x Penny Sage purse (POA).



It's all in the details with carefully selected accessories. Wynn Hamlyn top $150. Prada skirt $2330. Mi Piaci boots $90. Embr sterling silver earrings $110 and rings $150 and $195. Karen Walker sunglasses $389.


Renaissance prints get an update on a rebellious pussy-bow blouse with raw hems. Nom*D blouse $385. Mi Piaci hoop earrings $100.


A voluminous coat is a winter wardrobe staple. Taylor Boutique coat $897. Kate Sylvester skivvy $249. Jarrad Godman pants $390. Mi Piaci boots $330. Embr sterling silver earrings $110.


Contemporary lines favoured by Japanese designers and artists is a welcome starting point for layered workwear. H&M Conscious Exclusive blazer $129. Taylor Boutique top $497. Wynn Hamlyn skirt $275. Karen Walker heels $375. Mi Piaci earrings $100.



Create your own wearable work of art with contrasting textures. C&M jumper $599. H&M Conscious Exclusive skirt $80. Embr Jewellery brass earrings $195. Mi Piaci boots $390.