Clashing prints add plenty of fun when it comes to dressing in between seasons.

Childhood memories of digging fingers into a bag of pick 'n' mix sweets conjures up memories of exploring shapes, colours and textures - the perfect approach to the equally whimsical mixed bag of prints on offer right now. Clashing prints is a concept that works with fashion's current mood for the individual; standing out in a sea of beige slips and over-sized streetwear, because sometimes it's okay to enjoy the frivolity of mixing things in a way that is usually frowned upon. Stripes and florals in one look? Why not? The combination is surprisingly wearable even for the shrinking violet. New-season prints range from liquorice stripes to the kind of florals found on a boiled sweet. For those who prefer to shy away from busy prints, there's method to the madness. Look to similar base colours such as black, as in our hero image (left), while keeping grooming polished and unfussy.

Clashing printed accessories is another ideal way to dip your toes into the look and, with Valentine's Day around the corner, eschew the predictable red dress come date night and declare your love with a little bit of creativity and unapologetic fun. Here's a few of our favourite new-season print pieces that you can throw together without a second thought.

Tips for wearing clashing prints

• Choose printed separates that have similar colour bases for a cohesive look.
• Stripes and florals are surprisingly well balanced when teamed together.
• Ease into clashing prints by mixing printed accessories.
• Stay away from harsh, bright prints and opt for colours popularised in the 60s and 70s such as tan, burnt orange and burgundy.
• For a cheat's guide to perfect clashing prints, look to designers such as Stella Jean and Andrea Moore, who have built a large part of their design philosophy around this concept.


Pictures: Greg Bowker, supplied.

Kmart beach bag $20
Beau Coops x Romance Was Born brocade heels, $790, from Runway

Ruby skirt $199
French Connection dress $199.90
Olivia pants $139.3

MSGM top, about $530, from Matches
Maison & Scotch shirt, $475, from Smith & Caughey's

Country Road top $159
Henrik Vibskov dress, $379, from Good As Gold