People in a loving relationship should be aware: the peak day for breakups is this Sunday.

Data compiled from Facebook has found that December 11 is the day when most relationships come to an end.

And now a dating expert has revealed the most important reason is that daters do not want to waste money on people they are not interested in.

Speaking to MailOnline, dating coach James Preece said: 'This is by far the biggest time of year for breakups and the busiest one for me on record.


"Nobody wants to end things too close to Christmas so they do it now - and New Year is coming, which brings them the chance for a fresh start.

"I'm actually getting contacted by lots of people who have recently broken up with their partners."

The relationship expert believes that this Sunday is the key time for couples calling it quits because daters don't want to waste money on people they see no long-term prospects with.

He added: "Firstly, if someone is planning on a break up then they will want to get it over with before Christmas.

"There's no point buying presents and spending time with someone you aren't interested in.

"Secondly, it's party season and your partner can be quickly forgotten if you go out without them.

"Cheating and inappropriate flirting are the biggest causes of breakups.

"Finance can cause huge problems too, especially if one is spending lots and the other is trying to save."


There is a similar phenomenon in the US with relationships ending just before Thanksgiving.

The problem is so common it is known as the "Turkey Dump".


1. Give each other space

You're going to be spending a week together rather than doing your usual routines. You'll be under each other's feet and won't be able to do what you want, unlike a usual holiday.

This can quickly become stressful, especially if you have children. To avoid this, make sure you take turns to try and get out of the house.

A few hours here and there on your own can really help.

2. Set expectations

There's nothing worse that one of you spending a fortune on gifts and the other making a little effort.

Or even worse, unwanted or poor presents can be insulting. Be clear about your budgets and give lots of clues about what you'd really like.

3. Easy on the booze

It can be tempting to drink too much over the festive period and your alcohol intake can add up quickly.

This can lead to arguments and the hangovers may be unpleasant which only add to your tension.

So pay attention to how much you are drinking and take in plenty of water to offset it.

Source: James Preece