The Veronicas left viewers divided with their topless performance and hosting abilities at the ARIAs, but Ruby Rose was their biggest fan.

Jess and Lisa Origiliasso were announced as a last-minute replacement after Delta Goodrem pulled out of hosting the historic music event, which she did not attend.

Not everything went smoothly for the famous twins who were forced to open the 30th ARIA Awards anniversary celebrations with two performances of their hit single In My Blood.

Topless and adorned in red glitter body paint from the waist up, they had to re-do their walk through the crowd onto the stage when sound glitches affected their performance.


Viewers did not see the glitch, as the award ceremony had begun around two hours earlier than the telecast, allowing Channel 10 to edit it out.

Their topless performance aired later on during the telecast instead.

The pair described themselves as "loose cannons" no doubt in reference to the video for latest single On Your Side which costars Jess's girlfriend, actress Ruby Rose in intimate scenes.

Rose, who was watching the show from home, sent her support to the girls via social media.

On Twitter, she wrote: "Dying dead dying dead dying."

She also posted photographs of her girlfriend to Instagram with the caption: "R.I.P. me", indicating she was crushing on their performance.

R.I.P me.

A photo posted by Ruby Rose (@rubyrose) on

But other social media users who were watching the telecast shared their mixed reviews of The Veronicas, their performance and their hosting throughout the night.

Many praised them, particularly for going topless on national television.

But others were less flattering, and criticised them for their singing, their stage outfit and even questioned if it was appropriate for "prime time" TV.

Others wondeed if they were lip-synching, and suggested they were too thin.