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With all eyes on them as they toured Canada, the Royal Family pulled out all the stops to ensure they looked picture perfect.

Often colour-coordinated, they were no doubt well aware that the photographs of their first official tour as a family-of-four would be remembered for years to come - and tried to dress fittingly for the special occasion.

And fashion fans were quick to notice that Prince George exclusively wore shorts - and it's certainly not the first time.

Indeed, the three-year-old is rarely seen in trousers and, according to an etiquette expert, there's a very interesting reason behind it.


Etiquette expert and MailOnline columnist, William Hanson, claims that shorts on young boys are, in fact, a silent British class marker and trousers are deemed "suburban", which no self-respecting royal would want to be considered.

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Whilst the children won over the world on their first royal tour, some social media users were quick to comment on their "post-war" look - suggesting that little Prince George and
Princess Charlotte were dressed "for the 1950s" or a "19th century gothic novella".

George was dressed in a pair of maroon shorts for a party in Canada. Photo / Getty
George was dressed in a pair of maroon shorts for a party in Canada. Photo / Getty

One Twitter user commented: "Why are the royal children always dressed in such an old fashion style? Or do they only wear trainers and jeans when chilling at home?"

Another, named Jas, said: "They royal kids look like they were dressed in the 1950s..."

Jackie Kane added: "Why the hell are the royal offspring always dressed like something out of a 19th century gothic novella?"