Prepare for new season deliveries with an adventurous spirit.

For those fortunate enough to spend a mid-winter getaway in warmer climes, that mid-century resort look continues to make a convincing case for easy trans-seasonal dressing as designers and retailers prepare for the first drop of spring deliveries and pre-orders from this week.

Despite the winter chill lingering, it hasn't stopped spring collections trickling their way into stores and inspiring some thought about what to wear next season.

A lightweight cardigan or a crisp safari suit can be the perfect segue into those mild days ahead, providing plenty of inspiration well into summer.

Several pre-orders have already been made for those sought-after pieces, including some stunning options from the likes of Penny Sage and Sherie Muijs, the latter designer having recently returned after spending some time travelling and living abroad. The designer's focus on crisp shirting has extended to a beautiful tunic dress (#1) cleverly dyed with turmeric for a vibrant yellow hue.


Elsewhere, the gingham print has become another interesting way to combine classic 50s prints with resort-inspired styling, including trinket jewellery and crafty handbags with wooden details. These accessories provide a sense of escapism and offer plenty of inspiration for seasoned travellers to pull out special pieces they've picked up overseas.

The looks


Sherie Muijs sand-washed silk shirt dress, $465. Nom*D pants, $345. Mi Piaci heels, $270. Maya Carver chair, $995, from Republic.


Deborah Sweeny top, $295. Karen Walker pants, $555. Mi Piaci sandals, $240. Empire of Genius bag, $485. Bamboo bangles, $55, from The Mercantile Store.


Kate Sylvester jacket, $525. Lanvin printed pants, $1995, from Scotties. Mi Piaci sandals, $250. Karen Walker earrings, $70. Prada leather and wood sunglasses, $590, from Sunglass Hut.



Martin Grant pleated dress, $1895 and Dries van Noten tassel necklace, $1610. Gregory vest, $479. Benah for Karen Walker bag, $330. Overland wedges, $219.90.


Sylvester jacket, $345 and pants, $265. McQ by Alexander McQueen sandals, $590, from Runway. Gucci shoulder bag, $2010. Versace sunglasses, $600, from Sunglass Hut.


Margret Howell merino cardigan, $560 from Adorno. Penny Sage top, $150 and pants, $320. bamboo bangles, $55, from The Mercantile Store. Embellished purse, $249, from Wallace Rose. Mi Piaci heels, $280.


• Adorno (09) 378 4333
Deborah Sweeney
Empire of Genius
• Gregory (09) 378 8645
• Gucci (09) 368 1138
• Karen Walker (09) 361 6723
• Kate Sylvester (09) 307 3282
The Mercantile Store
Mi Piaci
Penny Sage
• Runway (09) 5220808
• Scotties (09) 366 1664
Sunglass Hut
• Sylvester (09) 307 3282
• Wallace Rose (09) 376 0572

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