A fitness blogger has been slammed for posting a picture of herself in her underwear, showing off her flat tummy just days after giving birth.

Caroline Berg Eriksen - the wife of Norwegian Premier League player Lars-Kristian Eriksen - has been criticised for putting pressure on other new mums to lose weight.

Some bloggers said getting that washboard belly in just four days was physically impossible, but the 26-year-old said she didn't mean to upset anyone with the selfie.

Underneath the Instagram picture, a caption read: "I feel so empty and still not, 4 days after birth".


Berg Eriksen, who runs the most visited blog in Scandinavia under the name Fotballfrue, or 'The Footballer's Wife', sparked one writer to call the move "wildly provocative."

Writer at The Daily Telegraph, Sarrah Le Marquand, said the model mum was "genetically freakish," and labelled her an "exhibitionist".

However, the Aussie writer went on to defend the parenting skills of Berg Eriksen after many mummy bloggers came after the ripped new mum with scathing calls like "shouldn't she be cuddling her baby?"

Another Australian parenting blogger, Rebecca Sparrow, wrote a piece about the controversial post with the headline: "This is not a selfie. This is an act of war".

The amount of traffic to Berg Eriksen's website has doubled since the semi-nude image spread online.

Berg Eriksen, who lives in a rural Norwegian town with her husband and new daughter, Nelia, defended herself on American television.

"I think that all women should be proud of themselves, regardless of how they look after labour," she told Good Morning America.

"During the pregnancy people kept telling me that my body would never would be the same.


"I wanted to tell everybody that that is not entirely true. Right after birth, like three minutes after, I felt like myself again."

Berg Eriksen also hit back at critics on Facebook, saying: "I let out the picture because I'm proud of myself and my body for something as tough as a pregnancy / birth, and I think all mothers, regardless of the body shall be."

The Stir's Ericka Souter also had her svelte back, writing: "Berg Eriksen is married to an athlete and her only job is to sculpt that chiseled body of hers. She is a fitness blogger. So it actually is her job to look good."

She pointed out that Berg Eriksen was pretty flat-bellied going into labor, so losing her baby weight in four days wasn't much of a stretch.

Berg Erikson's six-pack was also supported by Gro Nylander, head of the women's clinic at the Norwegian National Hospital.

According to the Local, she said: "I don't think we should bully The Footballer's Wife.

"Life is unfair, some people have flat stomachs while others have pouts."

The doctor said new mums must understand that every body responds differently to pregnancy and it's not productive to compare to other women.

"The most imporant thing is to be kind to your body. It's a positive thing to have a few extra kilos on your body after birth," she said.

Berg Eriksen studied journalism at the Norwegian School of Creative Studies before becoming a fitness and health blogger, writing about her six-day-a-week workout programme and following the LCHF (low carb-high fat) diet.

- DAILY MAIL, www.nzherald.co.nz