When planning your summer menus, make the most of what's readily available.

The new year is under way, and with it comes one of our best seasons for fresh fruit, seafood and herbs. Hopefully everyone has had a restful period and many may be lucky enough to still be at the beach.

During this time, recipes need to be as simple as possible and take advantage of the abundance of seasonal produce that's around. When it is time to eat, fresh flavours are a great addition to any meal. Throw a few ingredients into a basket - good bread, cheese and fruit makes for an instant picnic, and you can finish with gelato or a good old lemonade Popsicle.

Watermelon is perfectly refreshing on its own but when paired with sliced crunchy snowpeas, crumbled feta and lightly toasted slivered almonds, this unexpected pairing of flavours creates a delicious salad. A drizzle of champagne vinegar and a dash of olive oil completes the dish.

Pawpaw with seared scallops and lightly toasted pinenuts makes for a delicious light lunch but is also a recipe that will work well as an entree. Add a sprinkle of fresh coriander then a splash of lemon and olive oil before serving. Use the ripest pawpaws you can find.


Pineapple thrown on the grill and left to caramelise is lovely paired with vanilla and lime. Add a scoop of divine frozen buffalo yoghurt and you have a special dessert.

Chef's tip

Rockmelon or honeydew melons can also be used in these recipes. Also if you can't find scallops, pipis, mussels or prawns can be substituted.

What's your favourite fruit? Any good recipes to share?