A Kiwi who launched a campaign to track down her holiday romance has found her man - and he's got a girlfriend.

It had all the makings of a very modern tale of romance.

Boy meets girl, girl gives boy wrong number by mistake, girl finds boy with the help of nationwide internet campaign...

But unfortunately there was to be no fairytale ending for Julia Cross, the Auckland-educated PR consultant who made headlines by trying to track down the man with whom she spent a perfect night in Ibiza - after it turned out her Prince Charming has a girlfriend.


Yesterday the object of her affections was revealed as Martin O'Kane, a software developer from London.

And although he quickly admitted to being taken, some have suggested Miss Cross may have had a lucky escape. Judging by his Facebook page, she is not the first good-looking girl to catch his eye.

On the page, which is open for anyone to view, Mr O'Kane cuts a very laddish air - frequently pictured with a drink in his hand and an attractive woman on his arm.

He has even suggested the media should run a competition for someone to date Miss Cross if she 'would be up for it'.

Her quest began in September, after she and Mr O'Kane met at an Ibiza nightclub and shared a single kiss as they watched the sun come up. The 33-year-old, who now lives in Clapham, South-West London, gave him her number - but never heard from him again.

She was convinced she must have given him the wrong number and the missed opportunity became a regular topic of conversation with friends - who took matters into their own hands, launching a Facebook and Twitter campaign to 'Find Martin', which was reported around the world.

Yesterday Mr O'Kane came forward, sending an e-mail to the Facebook group saying he was 'flattered' but was already taken, revealing he had got back together with an old girlfriend after his trip to Ibiza.

He wrote: 'I have to say I found this all hilarious and I'm obviously very flattered! I hope Julia isn't too embarrassed by some of the negative comments...About a week or so after I got back from Ibiza I dropped Julia a message but got no response. Didn't really think too much more about it as these things happen. I guess it's possible I took the number wrong.' Mr O'Kane, who also lives in Clapham, added that while he was 'definitely not married', he was 'unfortunately' no longer single.

Of his girlfriend, he said: 'She already feels a bit odd that there's a national campaign to set me up with someone else.'