Former NRL prop Ben Ross is reportedly considering legal action against Australian broadcaster Channel 9 after suffering a horror fracture while arm wrestling on live TV two years ago.

The retired front-rower badly fractured a bone in his upper right arm and needed a metal plate inserted after an arm wrestling segment with former player Wendell Sailor went horribly wrong on the Footy Show.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Ross has suffered permanent nerve damage to the right arm and is set to undergo his fourth operation since the incident in June, 2015.

According to the newspaper, Ross struggles to lift heavy equipment which impedes his role as owner of a hire company.


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"If I'm out-of-pocket or my company has been affected in a number of ways, that compensation has to be forthcoming," Ross told the Daily Telegraph.

"I really don't want to take legal action against Nine but you'd think they'd have some type of responsibility in compensation, in some way. But I've haven't heard anything.

The incident occurred on live TV, which showed Ross screaming in pain before host Paul Vautin cut to an ad break.

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At the time Ross described it as the most painful injury of his career.

Ross told the Daily Telegraph he can't lift anything over 10-20 kilograms following the break.

"They said it will never go back to what it was. I'll never lift big weights again. I can't do normal things, like surfing, swimming, those things are a bit of a struggle now."