A two bedroom house in Titoki Rd Raumati Beach was extensively damaged by fire yesterday.

Paraparaumu Fire Brigade station officer Steve Hudson said the brigade received a call at 5.07pm and arrived to find the house "totally involved in fire".

A man living at the address was outside when the brigade arrived and was uninjured.

Mr Hudson said the initial focus was to stop the fire as well as protect a car parked in the driveway in a garage behind the house.


The fire was quickly under control once the brigade arrived but it took about half an hour "to completely knock the fire down to a safe level where we knew it wasn't going to go anywhere else."

He said it appeared the fire started in the front section of the house where a 9kg gas cylinder was located.

It was believed the gas bottle had been by a heater though it wasn't with it when the brigade was dealing with it.

Mr Hudson said there could be issues with gas bottles from time to time if the fittings weren't correct.

"If its not right and starts leaking and something tries to ignite it, there is a possibility of a gas cloud, which can cause an explosion.

"My understanding is the fire started in the lounge area and quickly developed into a large fire and the guy needed to evacuate the house."

A ground monitor was placed near the gas cylinder in an effort to cool it [the gas cylinder] down.

"It's an ideal piece of equipment and means no one has to get too close it."

The fire was attended by a command unit from Wellington as well as brigades from Paraparaumu, Waikanae and Porirua.

Mr Hudson said access into the street was difficult especially due to interested onlookers cars.