The jury in the trial of a taxi driver accused of indecently assaulting radio personality Jay Jay Feeney have retired to deliberate their verdict.

Baljeet Singh, 29, has been on trial in the Auckland District Court this week and faces one charge of indecent assault, laid after an incident during the early hours of October 1, 2017.

Judge Claire Ryan summed up the case this morning and gave the jury directions before sending them to deliberate.

The jury have heard much evidence this week from both sides.


Singh says he never touched Feeney inappropriately - but did try to help her get into her home because she was heavily intoxicated.

But Feeney maintains she was attacked and told the jury she feared she was going to be raped.

Two years ago today - the evening of September 30 - Feeney was on Ponsonby Rd having dinner with friends and drinking at several popular bars.

At about 1am she left the Ponsonby Social Club and attempted to hail a cab and go home to her apartment in Grey Lynn.

The jury heard that Feeney, after a couple of unsuccessful attempts, hopped into Singh's taxi.

"I was feeling fine, like obviously I'd had a few drinks," she told the court this week.

"I was just actually really quite tired that night ... I was feeling fine, happy.

"Obviously I'd had a few drinks, so I would've been intoxicated, but I don't think I was really drunk.


"I wasn't being silly, I wasn't falling over or anything like that."

Feeney sat in the front seat of Singh's car and she said during the ride they were "just having a little bit of chat or banter".

"I thought he was quite friendly and chatty," Feeney said.

"I thought it was quite nice because sometimes you get in and they don't really say anything."

However, Feeney said Singh's topic of conversation then turned.

"Are you single, or do you have a boyfriend," she said Singh asked her.

After telling Singh she was recently separated from her husband, Dom Harvey, he allegedly said: "I'll be your boyfriend, I'll be your boyfriend."

Feeney told him no and claimed he then reached over and stroked her hand.

She said she told him: "No, no, no" but he persisted with his advances.

"You're really beautiful," she said Singh uttered.

"Then he said, 'you have really nice breasts' ... That's when I thought, 'okay, he's actually gone too far now'.

"I was feeling really uncomfortable."

She claims Singh told her: "I touch your breasts, I touch your breasts".

After arriving at her home and Singh parking across the road, Feeney said she was anxious to pay and leave.

"I was quite keen to pay and go," she said. "So I got my Eftpos out."

But she said Singh didn't want her money.

"No pay, I touch your breasts. No pay, I touch your breasts," Feeney said Singh told her.

Feeney said she replied: "No, I'm paying."
It took her "a while to convince him", she added.

Then, Singh allegedly "leaned down and put his hand down into my bra".

Immediately afterwards, Feeney said Singh asked her for her phone number.

"I was so panicked and I just made up a number off the top of my head which he dialled."

As Feeney left the cab, she claimed the driver followed her across the road.

After returning to apartment she peered out her window and said she saw Singh
"standing in the middle of the road... staring up".

The radio host said she felt awful, in shock, and traumatised.

When questioned by police Singh confirmed Feeney was one of his passengers but denied any wrongdoing whatsoever, the court heard.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge of indecent assault.

His defence counsel Marie Dyhrberg QC told the jury this week that Feeney was lying.

"One party is truthful, the other party is lying," Dyhrberg said.

"Jay Jay is lying when she says the defendant touched her breast on that evening.

"Can you trust what she says? The defence says absolutely not."